How to save or download any whatsapp status without using any app

Do you know when you see someone’s whatsapp status for the first time, it gets stored in your Internal storage.

When you play any whatsapp status of your friend for the first time, it gets downloaded in your internal storage inside the whatsapp folder.

Follow the steps to know where the whatsapp status is stored.

  1. Open file manager in your phone
  2. Open Internal storage and search for whatsapp folder and then click on the media folder
  3. Now, you need to enable the show hidden files option. For that click on the three vertical dotted lines and you will find settings option, click on that and inside that slide the toggle button to enable show hidden files.

You will see the “.statuses” folder. Inside this folder, you will see all status images and videos. The dot “.” symbol in the front of the folder is used to hide any files and folder in the android system.

4. Open that .statuses folder and, you will find all status that you have seen is in this folder.

5. You know that whatsapp status gets deleted after 24 hours. So if you don’t want that image to be deleted, copy that image or video and paste it in Some other folder.

That’s it. Now you don’t need to take any screenshots or download any whatsapp status downloader app to save anyone’s whatsapp status.

If you didn’t understand the steps, you can watch the explanatory video by me by clicking the link below


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