Installing python3 in windows

  • To open the link in a new tab, place the pointer on the word “link” and press right in your mouse, some options will appear like the below one
  • Now press open link new tab and the downloads page will to opened seperately
ctrl + F
  • A Search box will appear in the browser
search box
  • Press WindowsKey + R
WindowsKey + R
  • A dialogue box appears, type in “cmd”
dialogue box
  • CMD window appears
  • Type “wmic os get osarchitecture” and check whether it gives the output as 32 bit/64 bit
link for 32 bit
  • If it gives the output as 64 bit, click “Windows x86–64 executable installer”
link for 64 bit
  • The download will start
  • Setup Process
  • The setup is done successfully
  • Now when you press the “windows key” , and search for idle
windows key
  • You can find python idle.
idle search
  • Click on the idle
  • And the output will be similar to image below
  • After the idle is opened, type in the following code
  • And press Enter




webdeveloper and programmer

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webdeveloper and programmer

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