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This article is especially for the students to install python3 on their windows machine.

In this article I have given the process to install version 3.6.5, the process is applicable for installing any version of python

Step 1: Click on the link to go to downloads page.

  • To open the link in a new tab, place the pointer on the word “link” and press right in your mouse, some options will appear like the below one
  • Now press open link new tab and the downloads page will to opened seperately

Step 2: After opening the link, Press “ctrl+F” in your keypad.

ctrl + F
  • A Search box will appear in the browser
search box

Step 3: In the search box type in “3.6.5” and you will get a result like this


Step 4: Before downloading python, you must check whether your system is 32bit or 64 bit. To find it out follow the steps below:

  • Press WindowsKey + R
WindowsKey + R
  • A dialogue box appears, type in “cmd”
dialogue box
  • CMD window appears
  • Type “wmic os get osarchitecture” and check whether it gives the output as 32 bit/64 bit

Step 5: If it gives the output as 32 bit, click “Windows x86 executable installer”

link for 32 bit
  • If it gives the output as 64 bit, click “Windows x86–64 executable installer”
link for 64 bit
  • The download will start

Now python 3.6.5 is successfully installed in your system

  • Setup Process

Click on the “python-3.6.5.exe”, a setup box will appear, Click on “Install Now”(also note down the path, where it will be saved”, also check that both the check boxes are ticked)

In this image below “C:\Users\………..” is the path where python is installed

  • The setup is done successfully

Running the Idle

  • Now when you press the “windows key” , and search for idle
windows key
  • You can find python idle.
idle search
  • Click on the idle
  • And the output will be similar to image below

Write your first python Code

  • After the idle is opened, type in the following code

print (“Hello world”)

  • And press Enter

The output will be like this:


Instead of Hello world your can type in any Name


This process is applicable for all the versions of python, Instead of typing 3.6.5 you can type the exact version you want. also 3.9 will not work on windows 7 or earlier version.

If you don't know which version to install refer your Computer Science Book.



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